I trained as in an Interior Designer in London back in 2005. Since then, I have focused on making art to go on the walls of the homes and hotel s that I helped design. I've been making art since I can remember. I work with oil as well as acrylic & I always paint on canvas. 

I've traveled to many different places & take part of them back with me & splash them onto a canvas. 

I love animals and, especially my two little Burmese kitties. I'm always up for a bespoke commision so don't be shy!

Past Exhibits;

The GAIA International Festival, Calabria, Italy
The Diece Gallery, Baltimore, MD
Allegro Gallery, Washington DC
The Azimi Collection - Private, New York, NY 
La Taverna - Rome, Italy
Galleria Sorrenta - Rome, Italy
The Bridge & Tunnel Gallery - Newcastle, UK
The Amesbury Gallery - London, UK
The Brick Lane Gallery - London, UK
The Metamorphosis Show, Arlington, VA

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